Sugar Replacers – Friend or Foe?

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The sweetness of Hill & Valley products are truly sublime. But some folks are hesitant to try products that use sugar replacers (sugar alcohols). Some don’t understand what this ingredient is, others due to possible GI sensitivities.


Hill & Valley products contain a combination of different kinds of sugar replacers which lends to its unique sweetness. Sugar alcohols are neither a sugar nor an alcohol. It is a hybrid between a sugar molecule and an alcohol molecule.  This distinctive combo produces superb flavor, and when consumed it is slowly & incompletely absorbed in the body. That is why it is excellent for controlling blood sugar levels.


For some people, the fear of GI problems may stop them from enjoying these delectable desserts. Since sugar alcohols are not completely digested, fermentation occurs which produces gas. There are some tips you can follow to minimize these issues. First, do not OVER CONSUME foods that contain sugar replacers. Keep portions small. Second, slowly introduce these foods, just like you would have to do with foods that are high in fiber. Now- enjoy Hill & Valley desserts fear free!

New Year-New YOU!

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January is the month for new beginnings. What better way to start the New Year with resolutions that are easily attainable. Hill & Valley bakery items can do just that. These locally made (USA) products can make your life easier and guaranteed no more food waste due to their cleaver packaging.


As a nutritionist and a consumer like you, I look for mini or bite sized desserts to keep portions in check. Several Hill & Valley items, like Sugar Free cupcakes and No Sugar Added muffins are packaged 4 or mini size. Pair a muffin (or 2 mini muffins) with some high quality protein, such as greek  yogurt, cheese, or hard boiled eggs, some fruit/vegetables, and you have a healthy meal. Carb counting couldn’t get any easier!


Hill & Valley upscale desserts give you room for indulgence and a new taste adventure for many. Just without the cost!

Save a Pound – Eat Our Cake!

Following traditions can be difficult, especially when desserts don’t meet your family & friend’s health needs. Like good ole’ carrot cake. Hill & Valley makes a great Sugar Free Carrot Cream Cheese Swirl Sliced Crème Cake that you must pick up for your next gathering.

A serving of regular cheese cake is around 860 calories. Two slices of Hill &Valley version is ONLY 210 CALORIES! Do that just a few times this holiday season, and you will save yourself 1 POUND (ie 3500 calories)! Also, antioxidant and phytochemical rich carrots may help with blood sugar regulation, and reduce your cancer and heart disease risk.

We at Hill & Valley are filled with gratitude, for our wonderful customers that rely on our products to help with your health needs. We started out to help those with diabetes, but is has grown to help many more fill in their nutrition ‘gaps’. Thank you!

Sweet Potato Pie: Best Disguised Vegetable

Sweet potatoes are ranked number #1 in nutrition of all vegetables, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Hill & Valley has managed to whip this indispensable vegetable into a heavenly No Sugar Added dessert that has sweet potatoes as its FIRST ingredient. If that is not impressive enough, check out some of the unique health benefits you’ll obtain from inhaling this exhilarating dessert—


  • Low Glycemic Food– Sweet potatoes have been shown to stabilize or lower blood sugar, due to their low glycemic index. Foods low on the glycemic index break down more slowly in the body, which may produce fewer fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin levels. Carb counting just got a little easier!
  • Rich in Quercetin– Research shows this potent phytonutrient may help you breathe easier by warding off allergies, hay fever, and asthma.
  • Loaded with Beta-Carotene– This powerful antioxidant helps to protect your skin, and is an excellent nutrient for eye health. Some research shows that sweet potatoes are a better source of bioavailable beta-carotene that green leafy vegetables. So, skip the salad, and eat the pie!
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