Custom Bakery

At Hill & Valley Premium Bakery, we are embarking on a journey of transformation to become a company that you can go to for your Custom Bakery needs. Whether you need a Sugar Free Decorated Cake or a Full Sugar Cookie assortment, we pride ourselves on creating premium products for retailers around the globe.

Nimble R&D Team

Our creative and highly skilled Research and Development team can make any product idea a reality! Their ingenious innovations are helping our company become established in the Full Sugar Bakery Industry, as well as maintaining our place as the Nation’s leading provider of Sugar Free and No Sugar Added bakery items.

Unique Offerings

Our strengths include Gourmet Cookies, Pies, Muffins, and Decorated Items, but we always welcome any opportunity that comes our way!

On-Trend Flavors

Whether it’s Maple Bacon Cupcakes or a Natural Better-for-You Muffin loaded with whole grains, Hill & Valley stays up-to-date on all the leading bakery trends, keeping your company ahead of the curve.

Short Run Specialization

Are you in need of a one-time holiday item or special purchase for your In Store Bakery? At Hill & Valley, our ­­­batch mix production allows us to thrive on short run opportunities.

Particular about Packaging?

Here at Hill & Valley, we understand the importance that packaging and labeling have on selling a product. We will work with you to develop the product presentation that will work best for your company, from sourcing the best package to label design and printing.


If you are interested in teaming up with Hill & Valley Premium Bakery on your next custom product, please click here – we are eagerly awaiting the chance to work with you!


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