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IMG_7660When founder George Coin started Hill & Valley, Inc. (then named the Rock Island Baking Company) in February 1987, he had no idea that his small company would become the country’s leading producer of Sugar Free and No Sugar Added products. Located in Rock Island, Illinois, The Rock Island Baking Company started out making all kinds of baked goods, but specialized in pies. Some of those pies used alternative sweeteners in their recipes, a very novel idea for the time. George took notice that the pies were taking off and soon the company was renamed Nancy’s Pies in honor of his wife, and also because he claimed “no one would buy George’s Pies!”


IMG_7675At the time, Nancy’s Pies was clearly on to something, as few in-store bakeries had the time or the resources to specialize in making bakery-quality Sugar Free desserts for those looking to reduce refined sugar in their diet. Over the years, Nancy’s Pies grew their Sugar Free and No Sugar Added product line immensely, and in 2006 George and Nancy Coin sold the business, creating the Hill & Valley we have come to know.


Today, Hill & Valley employs approximately 150 people and is the leading national manufacturer of Sugar Free and No Sugar Added branded items to the In Store Bakery. In 2011, Hill & Valley went through a Re-Launch of our branded Sugar Free and No Sugar Added products, including innovation in packaging and labeling. These innovations have carried over into our Private label business as well, allowing us to strengthen our foundation of excellence in Sugar Free desserts and maintain a leadership position in the industry.


IMG_7711Over the past several years, with the hard work of our newly formed Executive Management team and talented Research and Development department, Hill & Valley has been able to create custom products for several major retailers across the nation. Our expansion into the Full Sugar arena has allowed us to become a major player in the Custom Bakery market. Our continued dedication to our GFSI certification and consumer safety has enabled us to create dramatic growth in building upon the previously established Sugar Free and No Sugar Added foundation, and our newfound role in the Custom Bakery market.


In December 2016, Hill & Valley was acquired by J&J Snack Foods Corp, a leader and innovator in the snack food industry. With the acquisition, Hill & Valley joins other J&J Snack Foods brands including Super Pretzel, ICEE, Minute Maid frozen juice bars and ices, and Daddy Ray’s fig and fruit bars among other items. Doug Davidson, Hill & Valley’s President remarked “We at Hill & Valley are very excited to become part of the J&J family. J&J brings substantial resources to Hill & Valley on all levels that will continue to make us a value added supplier to our customers and a company that brings solutions to the table.”


Hill & Valley products are sold nationwide, primarily through supermarket in-store bakeries. The firm’s customer list includes a majority of the country’s major chains. For more information on where to purchase Hill & Valley products, call 1-800-480-0055 or click here.


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