Save a Pound – Eat Our Cake!

Following traditions can be difficult, especially when desserts don’t meet your family & friend’s health needs. Like good ole’ carrot cake. Hill & Valley makes a great Sugar Free Carrot Cream Cheese Swirl Sliced Crème Cake that you must pick up for your next gathering.

A serving of regular cheese cake is around 860 calories. Two slices of Hill &Valley version is ONLY 210 CALORIES! Do that just a few times this holiday season, and you will save yourself 1 POUND (ie 3500 calories)! Also, antioxidant and phytochemical rich carrots may help with blood sugar regulation, and reduce your cancer and heart disease risk.

We at Hill & Valley are filled with gratitude, for our wonderful customers that rely on our products to help with your health needs. We started out to help those with diabetes, but is has grown to help many more fill in their nutrition ‘gaps’. Thank you!

About the Author:

Jane Reinhardt-Martin, RDNJane Reinhardt-Martin, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for more than 25 years and author of two books: Flax Your Way to Better Health and The Amazing Flax Cookbook. She maintains a thriving practice in Moline, Illinois.


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